Waterproof and Alternative Plaster Casts Access Ortho keeps up to date with the latest in cast products and technology. This allows our patients to maintain an active lifestyle, ensuring their injury does not slow them down.

We have a number of different casts available. These vary from the latest in waterproof casts to traditional fibreglass and plaster casts.

Access Ortho also stocks and fits paediatric and adult moon boots, ankle braces, knee splints, crutches, wrist splints and shoulder immobilises.

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Exos Casts Exos® is a revolutionary, thermoformable technology, offering an adjustable and reformable solution for a variety of fractures.

The Exos advanced technology allows our medical staff to mold the brace directly to the patient for the best possible fit, comfort and stabilization. The thermoformable material is light-weight, waterproof, can be easily cleaned, and is radiolucent. 

Access Ortho stocks the full upper limb Exos range for children and adults. 

In addition to Exos casts, Access Ortho also fits and removes traditional plaster and fibreglass casts. 

 Access Ortho stocks moon boots for adults and children, knee and ankle braces, shoulder immobilisers and crutches. 

Please contact us about your specific condition and we will discuss your options.

What are the costs? The costs for the casts vary depending on which cast is required.

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