Costs & Fees

Access Ortho aims to keep care affordable and simple to understand. 

First VisitFollow-up CareConsumablesThird-party
$140 after medicare rebate *$0 cost to patient. Bulk BilledCharged in addition Billed to provider if claim approved **

* See section on Medicare rebates

** See section on Third-party

FIRST VISIT: At your first visit your injury will be assessed, radiology arranged, your injury discussed with an orthopaedic surgeon, a treatment plan established, casts, splints etc applied and follow up appointments made. 

FIRST VISIT COST: Out of pocket cost after Medicare* rebate $140. 

FOLLOW UP CARE: Your follow up visits will be made with an orthopaedic surgeon or Emergency care doctor at Access Ortho. You will discuss your progress, concerns and changes to treatment plan. The number of follow-up appointments you will need depends on your injury and progress. 

FOLLOW UP CARE COST: BULK BILLED – note all care after your first visit for the same injury is Bulk Billed until you make a full recovery. 

CONSUMABLES: Boots, casts, slings, crutches will be charged at an additional rate. We can provide a letter stating your need for a splint that you may be able to use to claim the cost of the splint through your private health insurance. This is very variable with each fund and we are sorry we cannot provide any guidance on the process to claim or what you will be rebated. 

MEDICARE REBATE: Note at your first presentation for your appointment you will pay between $177 and $222. Access Ortho will then process your Medicare rebate online and you will receive a rebate into your account in the next 1-3 days. After receiving your rebate you will be out of pocket $140. Note if you have reached the medicare threshold you may receive a greater rebate. 

For follow-up visits we will directly bulk- bill Medicare and there will be no cost for you. 

WORKCOVER QLD and other THIRD PARTY Insurance: If your claim is approved and you have your claim number, we will usually be able to bill your third-party insurance directly (some third-party groups we cannot bill directly). If the claim has not yet been approved, we will bill you and provide receipts for you to claim through your insurance. Our friendly receptionists will be able to help with this.

BUPA ADF: We are a preferred provider for BUDA ADF and therefore we will bill BUPA ADF directly for your visits when you attend with a BUPA ADF referral. (Note BUPA ADF is different to BUPA private health insurance). 

INTERNATIONAL: Patients without Medicare will be billed at the same rates as patients who have medicare. We will provide invoices for you to claim through your international insurance. This means for first and follow up visits you will need to pay for these appointments and then claim.