Who we treat

Access Ortho treats:

  • Patients of all ages, both children and adults.
  • Acute orthopaedic injuries of the upper and lower limb.
  • Acute injuries are injuries that have recently occurred either from an accident, fall, sport’s injury or spontaneously.
  • Patients with or without private health insurance.
  • Workcover patients and other third party insured patients.
  • BUPA ADF patients.
  • International patients without Medicare. 

Access Ortho DOES NOT treat: 

  • Long term chronic conditions, these are best managed in consultation with your GP. 
  • Neck and back injuries / pain. These are best managed in consultation with your GP.
  • Severe injuries ie bone protruding through the skin, severely deformed limb, or orthopaedic injuries that occurred at the same time as a head or abdominal injury that has not been medically reviewed. These are best managed in a hospital emergency department.  
  • Facial injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Infected wounds

First Appointment
  • Access Ortho can see you as the first point of contact after your injury. 
  • Alternatively, you can attend our clinic after you have visited your GP or Emergency Department. 


Your first appointment will typically be with our Orthopaedic / Emergency Nurse Practitioner, who works in close collaboration with our Orthopaedic Surgeons. 

  • You will have a thorough history taken and examination complete. 
  • Required radiology will be arranged and reviewed and any previous radiology will be reviewed. 
  • A diagnosis (or provisional diagnosis if more extensive investigations are required) will be made and a treatment plan established in consultation with our Orthopaedic Surgeons. 
  • You will be provided with information regarding your injury, and your immediate and longer-term treatment plan. 
  • Casts, splints, crutches will be arranged and fitted if required.
  • If you require a certificate for work or sport, this may be requested.  
  • Follow-up care will be booked in our specialist clinics with one of our Orthopaedic Surgeons or Emergency Care specialists. 
  • If required, referrals for surgery or allied health will be arranged. 

Follow-up care

Following your initial visit, you will have an appointment booked with our orthopaedic consultant or emergency care specialist in our specialist clinics (private fracture clinic). On occasion, for your own convenience or for appropriate care of your injury, you may have some follow up appointments with the Nurse Practitioner. 

  • We offer a number of specialist clinics each week, the time frame for your follow-up appointment will depend on your injury. 
  • During your follow-up visits, the consultant will assess your injury, discuss your recovery progress and answer any questions you have about your injury / recovery.
  • If you require forms to be completed for sport, school, work or insurance purposes, please ask us prior to going into your appointment so these can be arranged. 

Casts and Splints

We offer a range of casts and splints to treat the injuries seen at Access Ortho.

CRUTCHES: Elbow crutches are available for purchase (or hire at Indooroopilly only) to assist with partial or non-weight bearing mobilisation.

Moon Boots Brisbane Ipswich

MOON BOOTS: We stock all sizes of paediatrics and adult moon boots to immobilise ankle and foot injuries following trauma. They are a lightweight, with an ergonomically designed frame to maintain immobilisation of the injury whilst providing comfort for the wearer.  The soft foam liner includes an integrated air pump, allowing the boot to be inflated and deflated to provide an improved fit to your leg and support of your injury.  

SHOE RAISES: For those wearing a moon boot, shoe raises are worn on the opposite foot to equalise your limb length, hence improving comfort and reducing strain on your gait. 

DARCO SHOE: To provide the foot with solid protection during recovery from trauma. 

ANKLE BRACE: Low profile lace-up ankle brace to provide stability to the ankle joint during recovery. The design provides strength and durability and will fit in most standard shoes. They come in a variety of sizes. 

HEEL RAISES: To be worn in a shoe following specific foot and leg injuries to reduce the load on various tendons and muscles.

RICHARDS KNEE SPLINT: Rigid knee splints. These come in a range for sizes for knee immobilisation in a straight position.

ROM Knee Brace Brisbane Ipswich

ROM KNEE SPLINT: For knee injuries that require immobilisation within a precise range of motion control. 

SLINGS: Immobilising and simple slings to immobilise and protect upper limb injuries. 

COLLAR AND CUFF: A simple type of sling used to protect and limit movement to the upper limb.

ELBOW ROM BRACE: ROM braces provide immobilisation and precises range of motion control for certain elbow injuries. 

Exos Cast

EXOS CAST: Exos is a leading bracing (casting) system, that offers an adjustable, reformable and lightweight solution for the treatment of fractures. The Exos technology allows the braces to be moulded directly to each patient for the best fit and comfort. They can be remoulded if required, due to changes in the size of your arm size from swelling. They utilise a patented BOA Fit System for effortless fit. 

Exos casts come in a variety of sizes to fit small children to larger adults and in a variety of styles that are tailored toward specific hand or wrist injuries. These include open thumb, thumb spica and boxer Exos splints.
Exos casts are water resistant and heat sensitive. Our medical team will advise you on how to care for your Exos. Care must be taken by patients if they get fully wet due to issues with drying them completely. Partially wet splints may cause skin reactions and irritation in some patients.  They can however be splashed wet with no concerns. We recommend speaking to the medical team about how best to care for your Exos cast and your waterproof options. 

Arm cast

PLASTER OF PARIS / FIBREGLASS / WATERPROOF CASTS: Our Nurse Practitioners are casting experts and can discuss the pros and cons of our variety of casting materials. 

OSSUR WRIST BRACE: Our Ossur wrist braces are purposed to provide stability and compression, yet with comfort, to wrist injuries. They have aluminium stays and 3D MotionTech Knit as well as a CoolVent technology to enhance breathability especially in the hot summer months. 

Should you require a specialised splint or device that we do not have in stock, we work with a number of suppliers and can arrange to have these ordered and delivered to the clinic within a short time frame.


On request, Access Ortho will provide a receipt and letter detailing the need for your orthopaedic device should you wish to submit a claim to your private health insurance. 


You do not need a referral to attend ACCESS ORTHO. You may present to either of our clinics as the first point of contact.

Should you need a referral to an outside provider for the care of your injury, Access Ortho can provide these and assist you in finding the appropriate care. 

SURGERY: Being informed you need surgery for your injury is a daunting prospect. Access Ortho is here to help you with this referral and take the hassle and stress out of finding a surgeon.

Access Ortho is not responsible for booking or managing your surgery. If, however, you are advised during your appointment at Access Ortho that surgery will be required to treat your injury, our medical team will assist you in arranging this. They will discuss with you your surgery options, ie Private vs Public, and should you choose private, will help you in finding a suitable private surgeon. This may be a surgeon of your choice or one that specialises in your injury. Our team will ensure you are booked for an expedited appointment for this surgery and Access Ortho will provide a referral to this surgeon. If you have surgery in the public system, Access Ortho will refer you to your local Public Hospital Orthopaedic department with all the relevant information regarding your injury and radiology results.

HAND THERAPY: Some hand injuries require a specialist splint made by a hand therapist and / or hand therapy exercises. Access Ortho works closely with a number of trusted hand therapists and will arrange a rapid referral for this if required.

PHYSIOTHERAPY: Some injuries require physiotherapy for rehabilitation to make a full recovery. Access Ortho works with several physiotherapists or are happy to refer to your own physiotherapist. A referral will be provided outlining concerns and rehabilitation goals. We will continue to work in collaboration with the therapists until a full recovery is made. 

PODIATRY: Some injuries require podiatry review for orthotics or other specialised foot splints. Access Ortho can provide a referral for this to either a recommended podiatrist or a podiatrist of your choice. 

PUBLIC / PRIVATE: For patients without private health insurance requiring surgery or allied health we can arrange a referral to the public hospital in your region. Patients with private health insurance options will be discussed. 

Workcover / third party
Work Cover Injuiries

Access Ortho treats Workcover (and other Third-party insurance) patients. 

We recognise the need for early diagnosis and treatment to ensure a rapid return to the workplace. 

For patients who have an approved claim number we will bill Workcover / insurance directly in most cases. (Note; if it is not a standard insurance company patients may be required to pay themselves and submit invoices themselves to the insurer. Our staff will discuss this with you.)

Access Ortho will provide Workcover certificates and sign off on suitable duties plans as required.

Workcover QLD may ask Access Ortho for a report regarding patient injuries which will be provided directly to Workcover QLD.

Access Ortho is a preferred BUPA ADF provider.