I ignored my child’s injury and now its broken I feel so bad.

I cannot tell you how many times we have children attend clinic that sustained their injury a few days earlier and treatment was not sought straight away. In all these cases the parents feel very guilty for missing the severity of the injury. The good news is you are not alone, so many people have missed their child’s injury including the staff themselves!

Not all fractures are obvious when they occur. Children are also excellent at getting on with their day and they can cope quite well with a minor fracture. Please know that when a fracture is missed for a few days it rarely makes any difference to the outcome of the child’s recovery so you have nothing to worry about.

Access Ortho has been opened to assist with those times you are just not sure. You can make a same day appointment and have a rapid assessment that will take minimal waiting time. You can be assured that a consultant orthopaedic surgeon will be reviewing every case meaning you will get prompt expert care.