Is my bone broken?

A comment we often hear over the phone at ACCESS ORTHO is “I’m not sure if it’s broken so I don’t know if I should come to clinic or not.”

Quite often there are times when it is not clear if a bone is broken. However if you have pain, numbness, swelling or deformity it is important to seek advice to get a full assessment and treatment plan. Quite often an injury that does not involve a fracture can cause significant complications.

When you attend ACCESS ORTHO we will take a full history of the injury and your medical history, we will assess the injury and the joints above and below the site of concern.

The medical staff will make a decision if radiology is required to assist with diagnosis. This may be an x-ray, MRI, CT or ultrasound. The consultant orthopaedic surgeon will review your radiology and based on these results and your assessment they will put a treatment plan together for you.